U.S. Consulate in Fresno to assist Mexican workers

The federal government on Thursday signed an agreement with the Mexican Consulate in Fresno to help local Mexican nationals understand their workplace rights.

Specifically, both the consulate and the federal government will give information and guidance to help Mexican workers understand rights, "particularly with regard to reducing violations of the minimum wage, overtime, recordkeeping, child labor, safe housing and transportation provisions of the laws," according to the agreement.

Rubin Mayorga, assistant district director of the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division, Fresno Area Office, said the effort is targeted at the "most vulnerable workers in America."

Even if a worker is here illegally, Mayorga said, if they work on American soil, they have rights. "Rights are rights," said Mayorga, a Fresno native who grew up in the Pinedale neighborhood.

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