Rainfall totals for Wednesday through Friday, plus lake levels

Here are lake and reservoir levels as of Thursday, as well as rainfall totals from Wednesday through Friday, as of 11 a.m.

The data is provided by forecaster John Lindsey with PG&E.

Lake levels

Lake/reservoir Percent of capacity
San Antonio 68 %
Nacimiento 91 %
Salinas Reservoir (Santa Margarita lake) 104 %
Lopez Lake 84 %
Whale Rock Reservoir 71 %

Rainfall totals

Location Rainfall
Arroyo Grande, James Way at Ken's home 1.04"
Atascadero, Heilmann Regional Par 0.55"
Atascadero, south side at Micky's home 1.50"
Baywood Park 1.04"
Camp San Luis 1.73"
Cambria 2.09"
Cottontail Creek near Cayucos 2.25"
Condor Lookout Los Padres National Forest 1.61"
Davis Peak, north of Avila Beach 2.20"
Diablo Canyon 1.61"
Oak Shores at Jim's Home 1.50"
Hog Canyon near Paso Robles 0.67"
Islay Hill, San Luis Obispo, CA 1.19"
Los Osos, George's home 1.07"
Morro Bay, Rich's home 0.92"
Morro Bay, the North Cloisters 1.18"
Nipomo 0.75"
Oceano 0.97"
Paul's House (41 West & Toro Creek) 2.15"
Paso Robles Airport 0.80"
PG&E Energy Education Center in Avila 1.82"
Rocky Butte 4.69"
Santa Margarita Fire Department 1.29"
San Luis Obispo Water Reclamation Facility 1.62"
Santa Maria Public Airport 0.64"
San Luis Obispo County Airport 0.97"
Shandon, CDF Yard 0.35" 2.37"
Templeton 1.30"