Police investigating Atascadero plumber for alleged bestiality

Police are investigating an Atascadero plumber for alleged bestiality with dogs after finding a videotape of the incident. The tape was discovered during his arrest for allegedly selling drugs to prison inmates, according to court records.

Bradley Brainard said during an interview at his home last week that he no longer participates in sexual relations with dogs and explained that he had turned to the illegal practice after seeing it on the In- ternet following a divorce and depression.

Atascadero police began investigating Brainard, 49, for allegedly selling drugs in March to prison inmates at the California Men's Colony, where he had been working as a plumber on a construction project. Prison spokesman Dean Spears said Tuesday that he knew of Brainard's narcotics arrest and that prison inmates had contact with him because they worked on the same project.

Spears declined to comment further about the criminal case.

Brainard was charged March 30 with seven felony counts of drug-related offenses, according to court records. Atascadero police are still investigating the allegations of bestiality.

"We saw lots of video" and are investigating another person in San Luis Obispo County and someone in Monterey County who were allegedly performing animal sex acts with Brainard, said Sgt. Joe Allen. Police said Brainard will likely be charged with misdemeanor animal abuse.

A search warrant served April 1 at Brainard's home in the 5100 block of Santa Cruz Road describes prison officials finding "a couple pounds of marijuana, methamphetamine, over four thousand dollars in cash and weapons."

They also found a handheld camcorder in Brainard's truck at CMC.

"The video on the handheld camcorder...showed footage of a person identified as Brainard having sex with a canine," according to the search warrant. The video showed Brainard masturbating and orally copulating the dog.

Brainard was also seen "on a bed, naked, wearing a woman's brassiere along with a chocolate Labrador canine" and forcing the dog to penetrate him. Atascadero police were told by CMC investigators that "there were other canines in the video that Brainard sexually engaged."

Brainard said Thursday from his home that "it's something I got into that I never should have gotten into."

Brainard insisted that he was finished with sexual activity with animals. Police said his dog was taken to county animal control regulators and examined by a veterinarian; it did not show any signs of injury.

Other separate segments of video shows Brainard having sex with an unconscious woman, videotaping a child's genitals during a diaper change and videotaping a teenage boy wearing women's high heels, according to the search warrant.

Investigators also found women's undergarments, several boxes of videotapes, a bondage whip, wigs, sex toys, DVDs of pornography and VHS tapes of bestiality.

Brainard said that he would never hurt anyone, especially a child. And police said they did not expect to file charges related to the video of the children or the woman.

Brainard's drug case is scheduled to return to court June 8 for a pretrial hearing, said a District Attorney's Office official. He is out of custody on $25,000 bond, according to court records.