Woman climbs to safety three days after crashing car over cliff near Ragged Point

An injured woman picked up by a passing motorist on Highway 1 north of Ragged Point before noon Monday says she climbed back up to the road after her car went off the highway three days earlier.

Amy Lynn Boger, 31, of Cardiff, said she was alone in her 2007 Volkswagen Jetta at about 9 a. m. Friday when she reached for a CD case on front seat.

When she looked back up, Boger said, she was headed off a cliff. She said she was not wearing a seat belt.

She crawled through a big drain pipe underneath the highway to get back to the road, according to a CHP report. Her knee was swollen and she had lacerations on her arms. It was not clear if the injuries happened during the accident or during the climb back to the road.

Boger was taken to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center for medical attention.

Aircraft were called out to help look for her red car that left the roadway about 2 miles north of Ragged Point. The search was continuing past 4 p. m. Monday.

Officers were unable to see any signs of collision, and said it's difficult to see anything at the base of the cliffs from the highway.

--Kathe Tanner and Bert Etling