Jim Lindholm, first San Luis Obispo County counsel, will be honored with plaque

The smiling face of Jim Lindholm will greet visitors to the county government center as supervisors Tuesday approved a plaque honoring the former county counsel to hang in a “a prominent place.”

Lindholm, the first county counsel, was lauded by county supervisors, co-workers and friends during a ceremony Tuesday. He died in February 2008 of pancreatic cancer at age 64.

Lindholm was widely liked and respected, speakers said. His successor, Warren Jensen, told of how Lindholm always gave positive feedback, making the county counsel’s office a friendly place w to work

Jac Crawford, now a Superior Court Judge but for many years Lindholm’s right-hand man, added that Lindholm was both tenacious and legally astute.

Crawford recalled that the District Attorney’s Office vehemently fought creation of the County Counsel’s Office in 1977, but Lindholm, then only 33, who knew he had the law on his side, persevered.

Lindholm was respected statewide, Crawford added.