Debate over transferring southern Monterey County residents to SLO County schools continues

An effort to transfer several hundred acres of property located in Monterey County – but just a few miles drive from San Miguel -- into the jurisdiction of San Luis Obispo County schools was the subject of a contentious public hearing Thursday in San Miguel.

Jeff and Judy Bedell and several of their neighbors, who live on Indian Valley Road just south of Camp Roberts, want their property removed from the Bradley and King City school districts and placed in the jurisdiction of San Miguel and Paso Robles districts instead.

Historically, many families in the area had been granted transfers into the San Miguel district because it was closer to their homes. But the Bradley district began denying all transfers out of their tiny school last year, due to declining enrollment and funding concerns.

It is now up to the Monterey County Board of Education and San Luis Obispo County Committee on School District Organization to vote on the transfer. They have 120 days to consider the issue.

If either county’s committee votes against the transfer, it will be denied.

If approved, the soonest the process might be complete is July 2009, said San Luis Obispo County superintendent of schools Julian Crocker.

-Leah Etling

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