Lucia Mar board members explain votes on AG principal

The two board members with the Lucia Mar school district who voted against allowing the Arroyo Grande High School principal to return to his position say they were unhappy about his indecision.

The Lucia Mar school district board voted 5-2 on Tuesday night in favor of allowing Ryan Pinkerton to return to the school after granting his request to become principal of Ocean View Elementary School a couple of months ago. Pinkerton hadn’t officially started that position at Ocean View.

The two dissenters, David Foster and Paul Teixeira, said they thought Pinkerton and the board should have stuck with the initial decision after Pinkerton requested the move to the elementary school.

“I thought it would be very unfair to the people at Ocean View that once we had determined he would be principal that it was just wrong of the board to (go back on that),” Foster said. “My personal position is that I would vote against that because we had already assigned him to that position which he had requested.”

Teixeira said that Ocean View’s principal position was seen as a “plum” job and that the board accommodated his wishes. Teixeira thought Pinkerton should have honored his commitment particularly since Ocean View lost its 10-year principal, Sharon Roemer, this year to her new district office position as assistant superintendent of instruction.

“I feel sorry for the kids,” Teixeira said. “The kids are the victims here.”

Pinkerton responded to those comments, saying that he “would like to thank the board to allowing me to return to Arroyo Grande High School.” Pinkerton vowed to help in any way possible to help with the transition of a new principal at Ocean View.

“Having an unknown is not a good thing for parents, students and staff at Ocean View right now,” he said. “Until the board finds somebody, it’s a difficult spot for them. But like I said, I thank the board for allowing me to return.”