Parents arrested in death of 20-month-old daughter

The parents of a 20-month-old Atascadero girl remain at County Jail today on suspicion they may have killed their daughter, police said.

Fermin Brito Palacios, 27, and 22-year-old Arianne Brito were arrested Saturday after Natalia Brito was taken to Twin Cities Community Hospital with blunt force trauma on her torso and head, Atascadero Police said.

Investigators say Arianne Brito had taken her daughter to the hospital believing she was ill. An initial autopsy later confirmed officers’ suspicions that the girl died from visible trauma on her body, according to police.

Arianne Brito was arrested at her Atascadero home on suspicion of homicide. She remained at County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Fermin Brito Palacios was later located at a relatives home near Santa Barbara. He was arrested on suspicion of homicide and taken to County Jail. Bail had not been set this afternoon.

Investigators said in a statement today that there was a history of child abuse and domestic violence in the family but did not elaborate.

-- Stephen Curran