Blood shortage on Central Coast leads to free BBQ sandwich to donors through July 7

A local blood services center is urging residents of the Central Coast to donate blood after experiencing a blood shortage in recent days.

Since June 11, United Blood Services -- which serves the Central Coast -- has seen a daily collection average of 226 pints of blood. It needs to average 270 pints to maintain a steady supply.

The organization has teamed up with Mo’s Smokehouse BBQ to give a free Mo’s barbecue sandwich to every county blood donor through July 7. United Blood Services is currently short of Rh Negative types and it has a limited supply of other types.

Anyone over the age of 17 and who weighs at least 110 can donate. Donors are asked to make an appointment by contacting United Blood Services online at or or by calling the center in San Luis Obispo at 543-4290.

The center is located at 4119 Broad St. in the Creekside Center.

Appointments are appreciated but they’re not necessary.

--Nick Wilson