K.C. family will ride train with Obama to inauguration

In August, the Girardeau family of Brookside hosted the soon to be Democratic nominee for president, Barack Obama, at in their home.

On Jan. 17, the president-elect will return the favor.

Obama has invited the five members of the Girardeau family to board his train in Philadelphia on what’s being billed as a Whistle Stop Tour to Washington for the inauguration.

The Girardeaus are one of 15 families from 16 states who have received invitations. They are, the Obama Inaugural Committee says, “everyday Americans from all walks of life who have made extraordinary contributions to the life of this country.”

Jim Giradeau Girardeau said Tuesday his family is thrilled.

“I don’t know what to say,” he said. “It’s so unexpected to be able to do something like this that we’re still fascinated by the opportunity and trying to figure out how it’s all going to be.”

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