Olive oil: Serving Suggestions

Think quality olive oil is just for salad dressing or pasta? Thinkagain. Extra virgin olive oil can replace other oils in a variety ofrecipes, including deep frying and baking. Fruit- or herb-flavoredolive oils multiply the possibilities.

Here are some simple serving suggestions from local oil vendors:

• Mix orange-flavored oil with a dollopof honey to spread on toast or anEnglish muffin.

• Drizzle your favorite olive oil overhummus and sprinkle with fresh ordried herbs.

• Toast rustic bread. Drizzle it witholive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.

• Replace butter with olive oil on sautéedvegetables or bakedpotatoes.

• Use olive oil (regular or lemon) inplace of mayonnaise in tuna salad.

• Add lime-flavored oil and salt tocorn on the cob.

• Warm lemon-flavored oil as a dip forartichokes — or drizzle it on grilledasparagus or fish.

• When baking brownies, use orange flavoredolive oil instead of vegetableoil.

• Drizzle orange- or lemon-flavoredoil over cheesecake,pound cake or short bread.

• Basil-flavored oil moistensbrownies or chocolate cakewhen drizzled on top.

• Olive oil makes a great icecream or gelato. Look forrecipes to make at home.