Paso's Jesus Solorio performs in second round of "So You Think You Can Dance"

Jesus Solorio danced to mad cheers of the audience on the second round of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” Wednesday night.

Tonight, the results of Wednesday's voting will reveal whether the Paso Robles dancer known as “Chuy” goes on to the next round.

Jesus and his partner Sarah randomly selected as their dance genre for the performance the Paso Doble, a Spanish dance conjuring a matador and his cape, which their choreographers for the performance set to a remix of Queen’s “We will rock you.”

While the judges questioned the pairing of the traditional dance with the music, they didn’t question Jesus’ performance.

“Jesus, your carriage and your presence was fabulous,” said judge Mia Michaels.

“Jesus, amazing,” said judge Mary Murphy. “You had the fire and the passion. You have that passion that we love seeing in the Paso Doble. You have it. It’s real. You made us believe it. Your hips, your rotation, the way you attack things.”

Nigel Lythegoe agreed, and so did the audience, some of whom were holding signs reading “Paso Robles (hearts) Jesus.”

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