Grover may ask residents to voluntarily conserve water

The Grover Beach City Council will consider in a meeting tonight adopting voluntary measures to help conserve water.

The amount of rainfall is at 44 percent of normal as of June 1. The rainfall should be at 65 percent of the annual total, according to the city.

The city is recommending prohibitions of potable water for street cleaning and washing sidewalks, roadways or driveways; use of potable water for earthwork and compaction purposes; and use of potable water for planting turf or other new landscaping unless it consists of low-water usage. The recommendation includes encouraging drought tolerant plants and discourages use of water for washing cars without a quick-acting shutoff nozzle on the hose and operation of any ornamental fountain or car wash unless the water is re-circulated. It also prohibits unauthorized use of fire hydrant water.

The council adopted water management plan in March 2006 that consists of five stages to address water shortages. If approved, this conservation would be a stage 1 implementation. Mandatory conservation would occur at stage 3, which could happen if the city sees rainfall at 35 percent or less of the normal rainfall for two consecutive years.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 6:30 at 154 S. Eighth St. in Grover Beach. For more information, call 473-4567.

--Nick Wilson

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