Motorcycle wreck injures one, brings back hard memories for another

A motorcycle wreck Monday afternoon near Ragged Point seriously injured a man from France and brought back some tough memories for the responding paramedics.

The motorcyclist apparently swerved to miss a motor home drifting into his lane on Highway 1 about 4 p.m. Thierry Malot, 38, skidded on roadside gravel and was thrown from the motorcycle.

His wife, Sylvie Malot, 45, was riding as a passenger on the motorcycle, the CHP said. She suffered minor injuries.

The Malots were part of a large group of French-speaking motorcycle riders traveling together. Nobody else was reported injured.

The incident evoked eerie memories for paramedic Jason Melendy, whose uncle Dave Melendy died in April from injuries suffered in a similar motorcycle accident in Louisiana. Dave Melendy was the former administrator of the Cambria healthcare district and a key player in Cuesta College’s emergency medical technician and paramedic training courses.

Jason Melendy said he and his fellow paramedics learned a lot from his uncle’s accident and death.

Neither Dave Melendy nor Thierry Malot had many external clues to their major internal injuries. But, suspecting that Malot was seriously hurt, “we treated him very aggressively from the get go,” Jason Melendy said Tuesday.

According to initial CHP reports and ambulance logs, the Malots swerved their 2006 Harley Davidson into a gravel-and-dirt bluff-top turnout to miss a 2004 motor home driven by David Mathia, 56, from Hawthorne, Fla.

The motorcycle skidded, and Thierry Malot was thrown from the cycle when the handlebars hit his chest. The bike went down, and so did Sylvie Malot.

The Cambria Community Healthcare District ambulance took Thierry Malot to Piedras Blancas, where a helicopter picked him up and flew him to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton. He remained Tuesday in serious to critical condition, according to a nursing supervisor.

A second district ambulance took Sylvie Malot to the same hospital.

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