Mountain lion comes onto Cambria man's front deck

A Cambria resident came within a few feet of a mountain lion Wednesday night, but the man was inside the house and the lion was outside on the home’s deck.

Jay Keating lives on Worcester Street in Cambria’s Park Hill neighborhood. He heard noises on his deck about 9 p.m. Wednesday and saw a raccoon dangling on the outside of the railing.

Keating stood up and saw a mountain lion chasing the raccoon.

The man’s change of position alerted the lion, which immediately ran off.

Lt. Dean Hileman of the Department of Fish and Game “said that’s very good news,” Keating said, “because it means the mountain lion is still afraid of people.”

Hileman said this is the first lion-sighting call he’s had from the Cambria area since November, but he’s bracing for a busy season because habitats already are dry, and wildlife food and water sources are dwindling.

Keating noted Wednesday night’s blue moon, the name given to the second full moon in a month.

He said, “I guess seeing a mountain lion on my deck is something that only happens once in a blue moon.”

— Kathe Tanner

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