Morro Bay and Cayucos like same type of upgrade for joint sewer plant

The Morro Bay City Council voted Tuesday night to move toward upgrading its aging wastewater treatment plant which it jointly owns with the Cayucos Sanitary District.

Morro Bay Mayor Janice Peters said the council is leaning toward upgrading to tertiary treatment standards. That’s the same technology Cayucos voted to implement at a joint meeting less than one week ago.

Tertiary treatment produces the highest quality effluent but at a higher price.

Although city council members did not vote for a specific project Tuesday, Peters said council members favored tertiary treatment because of environmental and financial reasons.

Both agencies also favored upgrading to tertiary since it could allow them to sell reclaimed water, according to Peters and Cayucos Sanitary District Manager Bill Calahan, who hoped that it would offset project costs.

Believing that residents should know how much they would be paying for an upgrade, council members invited public comment during the last few city council meetings.

“I wanted to make sure residents who are going to be paying knew what they were getting into,” Peters said. “But I had very little concern expressed about the cost … this is the right thing to do and I think that’s been the general attitude.”

Council members said they’ll be lobbying for grant funding before voting for a specific project.

--Sona Patel

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