Persistent winds causing unusually cold seawater locally

Persistent winds blowing inland off the ocean are causing unusually cold seawater temperatures along the Central Coast.

Seawater temperatures have been running as much as a degree and a half colder than normal levels, said John Lindsey, meteorologist at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

Record low temperatures have been recorded at Pacifica , Monterey, Morro Bay, and Diablo Canyon, Lindsey said. The lower temperatures started in March and have persisted through May.

“This April was one of the coldest on record at the Diablo Canyon Ocean Lab with mean water temperatures averaging 50.82 degrees,” he said. “The average along our coastline for the month of April is 52.19 since seawater temperature records have been collected (starting in 1976).”

Winds blowing across the surface of the ocean cause colder water to be dredged up from the depths. The cold water brings nutrients with it which are an important part of the ocean food chain.

– David Sneed

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