Historic Craftsman bungalow can move from downtown SLO

The San Luis Obispo City Council decided on a 4-1 vote Tuesday to allow a California Craftsman bungalow home located at the corner of Marsh and Nipomo streets to be moved to a residential neighborhood nearby.

Councilwoman Christine Mullholland voted against the move.

The owners plan to construct a three-story retail and apartment development at the 1204 Nipomo Street site.

The city’s Cultural Heritage Committee had opposed moving the 90-year-old bungalow, saying that moving it to a mid-block site will lose the cultural significance it holds on a street corner in the heart of downtown.

The structure now houses the offices for the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo County and the local chapter of the Sierra Club. Foster's Freeze sits catty-corner to the property, and the Logan House lot is directly across the street from the proposed site of a planned 50-foot tall, 33-condominium project.

In city staff documents, the house has been called the Logan House. But Gerard Parsons said he was born in that home in March 1918, and it was built by his father, Lee Parsons. Community Development Director John Mandeville said the city will do additional research into who built the home. But the age and significance of the structure will be unaffected, Mandeville said.

-Sally Connell

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