Homeowners beware of company offering to help file exemptions

The county Tax Assessor is warning homeowners to beware of a Chicago company offering to help file homeowners’ exemptions for $25. The exemptions are free, Assessor Tom Bordonaro Jr. says.

Bordonaro says he has “received several inquiries about a Chicago-based company called ‘Property Tax Records Corporation’ making the offer.

“The company is not associated with any county or state agency,” he said.

No fee is required if you file your claim through your local assessor’s office, he stressed.

Bordonaro said the exemption can save a homeowner up to $75 a year on property taxes.

For more information, or an application, go to the main office at 1050 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo, phone 781-5643.

In North County, the assessor has a satellite office at 5955 Capistrano Ave., in Atascadero. The phone there is 461-6143.

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