Parking structure coming to SLO Airport if money can be found to pay for it

Commuters will have a new parking structure at the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, the Board of Supervisors has decided, but they still don’t know how they will pay for it.

The board on Tuesday approved the plan in principle, but turned down the $10 million requested by Klaasje Nairne, airport manager. The board discussed several ways to finance it, including loans, subsidies or a combination of the two.

Supervisors also discussed having commuters pay for some or much of the cost over a period of years through fees. However, County Auditor-Controller Gere Sibbach said if the cost goes too high, less expensive lots could open near the airport, cutting into revenues.

The board put off a decision on financing until May 29, at which time all department heads will ask submit request be asking the board for money.

“It’s not if we fund the project, but how we fund it,” said Supervisor Jim Patterson. “I have concerns about taking it out of the context of other capital needs.”

-Bob Cuddy

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