SLO man wakes neighbors during fire

A quick-thinking neighbor alerted residents to a fire early today in their home at 2125 Cypress St. in San Luis Obispo, and the neighbor started immediately putting out the fire with a garden hose.

San Luis Obispo Fire Capt. Jeff Gater said Joshua Kelly may have saved his neighbors’ lives.

The two occupants of the home were sleeping in a loft area when Kelly was dressing for work at 6 a.m. and noticed smoke and flames coming out of a broken window in the bottom floor of the house next door.

Joshua Kelly then raced over to the home, banged on the windows, broke out the remaining panes of glass in the lower window near the fire and started putting out the flames with a garden hose.

“The neighbor did a great thing in alerting the occupants, breaking out the window and putting the fire out essentially,” Gater said.

Gater said initial investigation indicates the fire started in an electrical outlet which was in the flooring. He also said there was no smoke detector at the site, although it is still unclear why that is.

Damage to contents was estimated at $2,000 and damage to the structure was estimated at $10,000. Gater said fire damage was kept to a minimum because of Kelly’s actions.

Occupant Chris Burd heard Kelly break the glass assuming it was his cat, according to Gater. But when he investigated, he immediately began to help put out the fire.

Guest Jesseca Seteroff twisted her ankle and suffered from minor smoke inhalation, seeking treatment by car in a local emergency room.

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