Young Templeton rocket scientists qualify for national contest

A team of young rocket scientists from Templeton Middle School’s Endeavor Academy has qualified for the Team American Rocketry Challenge, a national model rocket contest to be held in Virginia on May 19.

Students must design, build and test a model rocket, which carries a payload of a single raw egg, attempting to fly their creation for as long as 45 seconds and 850 feet into the air. The egg must come back to earth unscathed.

The Templeton team, which is made up of students Chris Van Harmelan, Katie Anselmi and Kurt Halloway, qualified for nationals by flying their rocket 843 feet over 44.47 seconds.

The team is seeking donations to pay for their trip to Virginia, where they will compete for part of $60,000 in savings bonds and cash. Teacher Jill Southern can be reached at or at Templeton Middle School, 925 Old County Road, Templeton 93465.

-Leah Etling