Search will continue for new general manager in Oceano

The Oceano services district voted Wednesday to extended its deadline for applications for its general manager position to around June 1, said Pamela Dean, a district director on the personnel committee.

The district has received 10 applications, but directors felt that job posting snafus prevented as many people from seeing the listing as they wanted. Dean said the specific extended date will depend on how soon the next round of advertising gets out to Community Services District postings and job sites.

Dean said letters will be written to the applicants letting them know about the extension. Arnie Dowdy, the district’s interim general manager, has until the end of August to work for the district or else his retirement compensation could be negatively affected.

The district also voted Wednesday to pursue hiring a company that specializes in codifying the district’s policies, which directors have complained are inconsistent. Dowdy will be inquiring about the costs of various companies that do that work.

--Nick Wilson