Grover Beach divvies up extra tax money; half goes to streets

The Grover Beach City Council has authorized staff to proceed with the allocation of an anticipated $480,000 per year in sales tax revenue, according to City Manager Bob Perrault.

The effective date for the city to receive the revenue was April 1. The council authorized the staff to use half of that money, or $240,000, towards street repairs. The city will allocate about $35,000 towards purchase of a police vehicle, $28,000 towards a public works utility truck, $72,000 to pay off a high tech fire engine, $9,000 towards specialized fire equipment for confined space, and $96,000 to eliminate the use of reserve funds to balance the general fund.

In the fiscal year 2006, the city used $83,000 in reserve funds, Perrault said. The council hopes to avoid using reserve funds for the general fund in the future. --Nick Wilson