Nineteen candidates vie for spot on Creston Advisory Body

Nineteen candidates have announced they plan to run for nine seats on the newly created Creston Advisory Body.

The group will hold its first-ever election on Thursday, April 26, between the Creston post office and the general store on Webster Road from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Elected representatives will be seated at the board’s first meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, May 16.

Support for a Creston-specific governing body grew from concern by some residents that the 24-member Santa Margarita Advisory Council had grown too large and unwieldy to adequately address issues in their community.

The Creston board, by comparison, will advise county supervisors on matters including land use, zoning and public services. Like other advisory groups, it would not have authority to approve or deny projects or proposals.

-- Stephen Curran