Police identify Las Vegas homicide suspect arrested in SLO

A Las Vegas homicide suspect arrested Monday in San Luis Obispo has been identified as Jill Rockcastle.

Rockcastle is suspected of killing her husband William Gustafik in Las Vegas on Friday.

According to the Oroville Mercury-Register, Gustafik was a chiropractor turned professional poker player from the San Ramon area.

San Luis Obispo police arrested Rockcastle around noon Monday at the Petit Soleil Bed and Breakfast on Monterey Street after being informed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Local police detectives were told that the suspect was suicidal and upon entering the hotel room in which she was staying found that she was unconscious.

She was transported to Sierra Vista Hospital and placed in intensive care. Las Vegas police said Tuesday that she has been intubated - meaning a tube had been placed down her throat - and couldn't give a statement.

Las Vegas Police, who arrived today, are continuing the investigation.