AG residents need to remove weeds or face fines

Arroyo Grande residents who don’t remove weeds and other combustible debris from their properties to prevent fires could face fees imposed by the city’s Neighborhood Services Division.

Weed abatement notices will be mailed to all Arroyo Grande property owners on April 20 requesting removal of all fire hazards from their properties by May 25.

Neighborhood Services will be checking properties citywide. All non-compliant parcels will be cleaned and cleared by a city contractor. If for any reason the division is required to abate the hazard, the owner will pay all costs involved. This includes the contractor’s and administrative fees.

Lack of rain this season will vegetation to dry out quickly and become combustible unless cut, according to the city. Weeds, junk wood, dead trees, piles of tree limbs and dead brush are among the combustibles residents should remove.

For more information, call 473-5437.

--Nick Wilson