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Two dogs at SLO Animal Services looking for forever homes


This week, San Luis Obispo Animal Services shelter volunteer Ellen Perryess features two dogs looking for forever homes at Christmas:

For dogs, to love a human takes a leap of faith. We don’t speak their language, we bathe daily (weird, or what?) and we have a lot of rules that should be followed, if not understood.

At a shelter, it’s a greater leap; it’s loud, confusing and nothing’s familiar. Yet somehow dogs leap and repay human kindness with love.

Jeeves and Chucky exemplify the unwavering belief most dogs have in the goodness of people.

Jeeves, a 9-year-old Labrador — troubled by arthritis and severely underweight — was found hobbling along Highway 58; it’s likely he’d been neglected for a long time. Still, his slow tail wag and shining eyes communicate his fondness for people. Jeeves is now at a healthy weight, enjoys daily gently-paced walks and is ready for a lifelong home.

Chucky doesn’t know he’s being discriminated against. As far as he knows, people see him as he sees himself — a playful, affectionate guy who, while 10 years old, is great with dogs and a lover of people. But because of the high influx of Chihuahuas into county shelters, adopters don’t see Chucky, they see “another Chihuahua.” But he has faith that someone is going to recognize him for the funny, obedient and devoted little dog he is; a loving shadow who will make your life brighter.

Jeeves and Chucky have no doubt people are one of the best things in life — right up there with dog treats. It doesn’t get better than that.

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For more information about Jeeves, ID No. 192306, or Chucky, ID No. 168226, call the volunteer line at the San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter at 781-4413, or visit