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Stevie is no longer a bad-hair-day dog

Stevie has a new hairdo, thanks to two visits to the shelter’s ‘salon.’ The 6-year-old chow chow is now up for adoption.
Stevie has a new hairdo, thanks to two visits to the shelter’s ‘salon.’ The 6-year-old chow chow is now up for adoption.

‘Imagine having a fashionable precision haircut without a beautician; that’s the life for dogs with a short coat. Conversely, long-coated dogs need regular visits to the salon. If they are not regularly groomed, these dogs will have a bad hair day beyond the imagination

“It’s not just a fashion faux pas; as mats form, the fur tugs painfully on the dog’s skin. Ultimately, tangled fur can form bacteria-harboring mats, and excessive matting can reduce a dog’s mobility.

“Many bad-hair-day dogs have walked or hobbled into the San Luis Obispo County Animal Services shelter. Once there, they find relief, whether it’s medicated baths or grooming done by volunteers. Also, Juliana of Pampered Paws mobile grooming regularly donates her talents for extreme makeovers; Stevie is our current poster boy.

“Stevie’s an affable 6-year-old, neutered chow chow who shatters many people’s stereotype of the aloof chow. He has a sunny disposition and beams as he trots on a walk.

“When Stevie came to the shelter, his coat was so matted from months of neglect that Juliana needed two grooming sessions to shave most of his coat nearly down to the skin. Thankfully, Stevie’s beautiful mane and tail could be salvaged, so he looks like a tawny lion.

Appearance does matter for long-coated pets, because looking good, means feeling good. Stevie’s abundant coat will soon grow out, so he’s looking for a fido fashionista to love.”

— Animal shelter volunteer Ellen Perryess

For more information about Stevie, ID No. 191937, call the volunteer line at the San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter at 781-4413 or visit .

The Animal Services shelter is at 885 Oklahoma Ave., off Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo. To see more shelter animals available for adoption, visit

The adoption fee is $75 for cats and $100 for dogs, plus a $24 county license fee for dogs if the adopters are San Luis Obispo County residents. The adoption fee includes spay or neuter, basic vaccinations, microchip, eligibility for a free veterinarian check, new collar and ID tag, and carrier for cats.