Pet Tales

An uneasy adoption with a happy ending

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Hedy Damery asking me to help get the word out about a dog she adopted from the San Luis Obispo Animal Shelter. The dog had to be returned because of an incident with her current dog. But a “happy ending” e-mail followed a few days later.

Here are both of Damery’s messages:

“On New Year’s Eve, our Catahoula tree-walking coon hound dog, Milo, ran away at Laguna Dog Park and into traffic on Madonna Road, where he was hit and died the next morning at our vet’s. We were devastated, but we knew we wanted to get a second dog as soon as possible.

“We went to Woods the next week after seeing Wiley online. When we got there, we were told that Wiley had been moved back to the shelter because he “chewed his bed.” We looked at all the dogs at Woods and none were quite right, so we went to the shelter, and there was Wiley.

“We took him home with no reservations, and he was everything we hoped and more. Our lab mix, Freckles, age 7, was not so enthusiastic, and Wiley respected that at first, but as time went on, Wiley tried harder to reach out to Freckles, and it did not work.

“Finally, there was a brawl where one of them would have been seriously hurt if we had not intervened. We kept them apart, and the next morning I tearfully returned Wiley to the shelter.

“Wiley is 9-months-old, about 35 to 40 lbs. and has had all his shots and a chip. He was checked by our vet and is in excellent health. He is cute, extremely affectionate, will play fetch, does not run off, likes to travel by car, knows how to sit and stay, comes when he is called and is house-trained. It was three days before we heard him bark — we thought he didn’t know how! He does pull on the leash when walked, so he will need to learn to heel. Wiley would be a great dog for an active owner.”

A few days later, I received a new e-mail from Damery.

“The Wiley story has had a happy ending after all. We learned, after returning him to the shelter, that he may have been affected by some medication that was on my son’s hands. This medication is a lotion that is applied to the skin, and it is very important to wash one’s hands after using it. Wiley licked my son’s hands, and shortly afterwards there was an altercation.

“Anyway, we took Freckles back to the shelter today for a visit with Wiley, and all was well between them, so we re-adopted Wiley and are so happy to have him back.”

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