Pet Tales

Dog’s miracle story began with CPR

Kathy Lindemans of Atascadero sent me this story to share an important lesson.

“I have the most incredible miracle story I have ever experienced in my life.

“On Labor Day weekend, we were having a small family gathering including my ‘granddogs’ in Atascadero.

“My nephew, Justin, yelled there is a dog drowning. It was my son Travis’ dog, Thai, a Boston bulldog, who was at the bottom of the pool —- lifeless. Travis jumped into approximately 4 feet of water and put him on the deck.

“Thai’s tongue was out — he was gone. Travis started mouth to mouth and chest compressions as Thai lay on his side. My daughter, Brittany, who works at French Hospital Regional Medical Center, jumped in and started working on Thai’s chest compressions as Travis continued mouth to mouth. Thai was still lifeless. Bless my son’s heart as he wept. He was gone; we had lost him.

“Trying to stay strong for my adult kids, I yelled, ‘Don’t stop, keep going.’ I made a call to Atascadero Pet Hospital that we were bringing in a drowning victim. Brittany and Travis continued CPR on the way to the hospital in the back of my truck. My ‘mom’ mode set in, and I honked and did not stop for red anything.

“Just before we arrived to the vet, Thai started breathing. A tech came out to my honking car and scooped the dog up. Within five minutes of us waiting in the lobby, the vet walked Thai out on a leash and was blown away (by) this miraculous outcome.

“It is so important for all to know that CPR isn’t just for humans. Thai is alive today because my kids did an incredible job of teamwork with the help of the angels and the Lord. This is an incredible miracle. I would love for all to know to never give up.”

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