Pet Tales

Keep in mind: It’s the pet, not the breed

Many people have preferences in the breeds of animals they like and maybe also some prejudices against other breeds. And sometimes you find that you may have judged a breed for its “reputation” before you even get to know the individual animal.

Meg Korgan of Atascadero seems to have found out that she might actually like a pit bull.

“A couple months ago, our magnificent yellow Lab died of old age. Although I was sad, I did enjoy having only two dogs now — life seemed a little easier.

“But you see, I have a problem — I love to rescue animals. Currently we have Thelma and Louise, a mother/daughter donkey pair who came to us without names or known ages and little knowledge of their past. Then there is Kramer, my delightful, cranky potbellied pig who came from San Luis Obispo Animal Services years ago. Recently I rescued him a wife to keep him warm on cold winter nights whom we promptly named Elaine.

“Last spring, Loudmouth the black kitten came from Animal Services, almost died and screams at me daily. Of course there are the two dogs again both from Animal Services. Moe is a dysfunctional golden retriever/shepard mix who was dumped on the streets with his litter mate at the age of four weeks. Walter-Bubbles is the ‘King,’ a bichon (frise) who rules us all. I even rescue roosters one at a time when I’ve lost one.

“Recently while driving to Cambria, my car turned into San Luis Obispo County Animal Services without my permission. So of course, I had to see who was there. I thought a senior female might be a nice addition. Ryan took me to Angel, a 9-year-old pit bull mix — problem is I don’t do pit bulls! Ryan reminded me it was the dog, not the breed. It was obvious she was on her last days. What to do? Room for Angel was running out at ‘The Inn.’

“I couldn’t sleep that night — her face kept popping into my mind. I had a warm bed left empty by our beloved Labrador and can thankfully afford another cup of kibble a day. But I don’t do pit bulls.

“Well, needless to say, I went back the next day and brought home Angel. Now her name is Shirlee, named in honor of an Animal Service employee who talked me into Kramer the pig years ago.

“I think everything will work out. Shirlee isn’t chasing the cats, she hasn’t killed a chicken, she doesn’t fight with the other dogs. Loudmouth the kitty is delighted to have a new sleeping mate, and she loves her new bed.

“Shirlee follows me around, sleeps a lot, doesn’t eat much, and looks at me with giant soft brown eyes. I think I am becoming attached, and to think she is a pit bull mix!”

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