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Fun-loving Phoebe combines youth, years

Phoebe is a 9-year-old retriever who loves playing fetch.
photo by Charlotte Rushton
Phoebe is a 9-year-old retriever who loves playing fetch. photo by Charlotte Rushton

‘Forever young is the truth about retrievers. They are youthful companions all their lives, and Phoebe is no exception.

“Phoebe is about 9 years old. Her love of school-aged kids and other dogs — along with being in good shape — makes her a great dog for the San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter’s Camp Paws program for kids.

“At Camp Paws, Phoebe learned to walk well on a leash and master her basic obedience skills. Additionally, Phoebe also appears to be fine around cats and has an endearing way of soliciting pets by offering her paw for a shake.

“Phoebe’s eyes light up at the prospect of being with a person or just because life is grand. She also seems to have a sense of humor; during Camp Paws, I saw Phoebe and her 10-year-old handler trotting toward a one-foot hurdle on the agility course, but at the last second, Phoebe veered around the jump with a wag of her tail and a smile toward her handler. The team circled back, and she went over the jump; you could tell she was just having fun.

“Phoebe reminds me of a loved stuffed toy with her coat showing much wear. But unlike a toy — with love and a good diet — her coat will regain its luster.

She has the best qualities of youth and years. She enjoys playing fetch and being with those she loves, but she also has nice manners and appreciates the joy of a good nap.”

— Animal shelter volunteer Ellen Perryess

For more information about Phoebe, ID No. 168020, call the volunteer line at the San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter at 781-4413 or visit

The Animal Services shelter is at 885 Oklahoma Ave., off Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo.

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