Pet Tales

Gizmo gets better, and Joey gets recognition

I am happy to say that my cat Gizmo has fully recovered from the mysterious sore between his shoulder blades, and the hair is finally starting to grow back.

Several readers e-mailed me with possible causes for the sore (although I still don’t know what caused it) and even ideas for how to bandage him using a baby shirt.

Thank you all for the input, and thanks again to the wonderful vets and staff at VCA Animal Hospital and Central Coast Pet Emergency who took such good care of Gizmo.

• • •

Elana Peters of Paso Robles sent me a story about her cat Joey who helped capture a burglar.

“Early on a recent Saturday morning, I was working in my garden. For easier access, I had opened the back gate and the access door into the garage. I had been spraying for aphids and had to go inside to get more soapy solution.

“Meanwhile, Joey, my tuxedo cat, was waiting in the yard for my return. Two minutes later, Joey came into the kitchen, stopped in the middle, and began continuously growling deep in his chest. Joey only does this when the feral cat comes in to scarf his food.

“As I bent down to soothe him, I saw a man quickly exiting my yard. I followed the man down the alley, thinking perhaps he had lost a dog. With no animal in sight, he continued his walk east on Traditions Loop. I came in, called my neighbor and then 911, as I had read about several burglaries in local residential neighborhoods.

“Within minutes, a Paso Robles police officer was at my front door. He asked me some questions — and one of them was ‘How did you become aware of the man in your yard?’ I replied, ‘My cat told me.’

“From my description, the police officers picked up the man on the opposite side of Traditions and I signed an arrest warrant. Later I learned that the man was found with items he had stolen from several other houses in the area.

“So, thanks to Joey, the Traditions neighborhood was saved from being burglarized that Saturday.

“Who said cats can’t be heroes, too?”

Dogs to walk around Atascadero Lake

The North County Humane Society will host a K-9s for Felines Walk Around Atascadero Lake Park on Saturday.

Participants may register at the bandstand area on the day of the event any time between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The walk around Atascadero Lake is about 1.3 miles. Water stations will be set up along the walk route.

All animals must be on a leash and under control at all times. Cleanup bags will be provided.

The registration fee of $25 includes a participant NCHS T-shirt and colorful dog bandana.

All proceeds benefit the North County Humane Society.

For more information, call 466-5403.

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