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A fond farewell to Bayside Café’s fair feline

Maverick the Bayside Cafe cat, Morro Bay
Courtesy Photo
Pet Tales 04-08-10
Maverick the Bayside Cafe cat, Morro Bay Courtesy Photo Pet Tales 04-08-10

If you have ever been to Bayside Café in Morro Bay you probably met Maverick, “the Bayside cat” – lounging on the railing, enjoying the sunshine or the warmth from the heaters. He might even have jumped on your lap or finished your fish.

Sadly Maverick disappeared about a month ago.

So the staff at Bayside Café wrote him a farewell and sent it to us to share with readers:

“Maverick, the Bayside Café’s cat in residence, has been our constant for 16 years.

“In 1994, his pregnant mother was abandoned in the state park, to fend for herself, and she decided to birth her babies under our deck. Eventually we were able to catch them all, give them nice homes and keep Maverick for ourselves.

“We truly believe that Maverick lived a charmed life with us. After having his breakfast each morning he would wait patiently on the deck railing in his famous pose — lying on his side, legs dangling at just the right length to keep himself from falling off. And in seating himself there, just so, you couldn’t help but find yourself giving him a squeeze or a swift pat as you were being seated.

“Always there and accepting of everyone who greeted him — and there have been thousands.

“We never knew if he would stay around, but day after day, year after year for 16 years, we have been blessed with his presence and his wonderful gift of being friendly to everyone.

“We knew, also, that the day would come when he might not be there for his breakfast and to greet his guests, who have come to adore him … and that day has come.

“We miss you Maverick, and still can’t seem to believe that you won’t be dining with us anymore. We thank you for your gift to us and hope you are at peace.

“You are truly loved and missed.”

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