Pet Tales

Affectionate older cat looking for a home

‘Fenahay was a bit camera shy but found comfort in being held with his head looking over my shoulder. I could feel him purring even as he turned his head, this way and that, to avoid looking into Charlotte’s camera lens.

“Though when the camera was gone he didn’t seem anxious to leave my shoulder; Fenahay was content to stay draped and purring as I stroked his back.

“Fenahay is an older gent with a light, buff color coat. He’s on the small side, and when you pick him up you can feel he needs to put on weight.

He’s thin not due to lack of food or appetite, but because of an easily treatable condition called ‘hyperthyroid.’

“The medication and ongoing care for this condition is not expensive, but it may make it harder for Fenahay to find a home.

“To help Fenahay in his quest for a family, San Luis Obispo County Animal Services has already provided him with complete dental work.”

“This means Fenahay’s teeth are now in good shape.

“Also, a local nonprofit, Animal Shelter Adoption Partners (ASAP), is helping Fenahay — as well as other County Animal Shelter senior pets — by offering a $35 adoption-fee rebate.

“As for Fenahay, he’s doing his part by being a gentle and affectionate cat who’s more than happy to encourage a person to sit for a while and enjoy the pleasure of petting an appreciative cat.

“I know firsthand that he’s good at what he does, as both Fenahay and I were sorry when I returned him to his kennel.”

— Animal shelter volunteer Ellen Perryess

More information

For more information about Fenahay, shelter ID No. 162758, call the volunteer line at San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter, 781-4413, or

The Animal Services shelter is at 885 Oklahoma Ave., off Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo.

To see more shelter animals available for adoption, visit

The adoption fee is $70 for cats and $95 for dogs, plus a $15 county license fee for dogs if the adopters are San Luis Obispo County residents.

The adoption fee includes spay or neuter, basic vaccinations, microchip, eligibility for a free veterinarian check, new collar and ID tag, and carrier for cats.