Pet Tales

Dachshund club a doggie delight

Tyler McKibben is starting a North County Dachshund Club and asked me to share some details about the group.

The North County Dachshund Club will meet from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. the first Saturday of each month, beginning Nov. 7, at Vineyard Dog Park in Templeton. “The point of the group is to have dachshund lovers/owners who get together and let us and our dachshunds meet new friends,’’ says Tyler, who is 13 years old.

Membership is free, though it costs $1 for access to Vineyard Dog Park.

The group also plans to raise money, possibly quarterly, and donate it to a local animal organization.

Those interested in joining can email Tyler at or look on Facebook under “North County Dachshund Club” (where you can also RSVP).

Keep your pet safe on Halloween

Animal shelter volunteer Ellen Perryess sent me some tips from the Humane Society of the United States about how to help keep your pets safe during Halloween.

Pets can become tangled in hanging decorations like streamers and can choke on some decorations if they chew on them.

Dogs may become difficult to handle during the noise and confusion of the festivities.

A lost dog or dog bite will quickly end your Halloween fun.

You can win a doggie date lunch

The Crushed Grape presents a doggie and date contest.

Bring in a picture of your dressed-up dog; top dog wins a doggie date lunch and gift certificate, with prizes also awarded to runners-up.

Drop photos at Crushed Grape at 319 Madonna Road in the San Luis Obispo promenade.

Be sure to submit your name and phone number with your entry. Contest deadline is Saturday.