Pet Tales

Odd couples, best friends

Seven years ago, I adopted my cat Boo and her sister Sky from the animal shelter. Sky was a very social, friendly little cat, and Boo was afraid of everything and everyone and was always hiding. One day Sky went missing and Boo was all alone.

A year later, a friend found a furry kitten that he couldn’t keep and I ended up with a new pet. Little Gizmo used to terrorize Boo, who just wanted to sleep on the bed or in a patch of warm sunlight. She’d hiss and bat at Gizmo and wanted nothing to do with the little hellion.

Eventually Boo and Gizmo became best friends. They bathe each other, sleep in the same cat bed and call for each other when one is at the other end of the house. Boo has become more social and friendly and even tolerates Gizmo pouncing on her — even though he’s three times her size.

Betty Gillespie’s story about her dogs is another story of an odd couple that became best friends.

“Our 10-year-old golden retriever Rosie was less than excited when we brought home a new puppy two years ago. Until then, Rosie had her run of the house, undivided attention and a peaceful existence.

“Enter Nanuq -— a rambunctious, playful puppy, who tugged on Rosie’s collar to get her to play, interrupting a typically uneventful afternoon much to the annoyance of Rosie, and nestled next to her at nap time. Nanuq quickly learned manners from Rosie as well as a few tricks, and Rosie came to enjoy the afternoon romps and the company of one of her own.

“Now two years later, these two are inseparable friends. Rosie recently went blind due to diabetes. Nanuq, sensing that something was wrong, would not leave Rosie’s side. She now wears a bell around her collar and leads Rosie to the water dish and on walks. Rosie follows the sound of the bell and trusts that her friend will let her know when there are steps nearby or when she is close to bumping into a wall. Rosie helped Nanuq learn to adjust to a new home, and now Nanuq is helping Rosie adjust to her disability.”

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