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Central Coast Furniture in Paso Robles offers reasonably priced, American-made furnishings

Upholstered furniture is made in Southern California.
Upholstered furniture is made in Southern California.

It would be easy to underestimate Paso Robles’ Central Coast Furniture if you judge it by its modest size and locale, which is on a busy section of Riverside Avenue, nestled up to Sherwin Williams. But owner Israel Espinoza is determined to make his store stand out in other significant ways.

Espinoza relocated Central Coast Furniture from King City last October. Although he carries a range of furniture types, his focus is on custom, American-made pieces offered at competitive prices.

He sells a line of custom solid pine furniture built in a Los Angeles shop. Table sets, cabinets, beds, bunk beds, even kitchen cabinets can be made in a wide range of sizes, shapes and styles. Although each piece is made “from scratch” the turnaround is just two to three weeks. As for prices, a pine bedroom set that includes a queen four-poster bed, a dresser with mirror, and two nightstands sells for $1,499. And that’s mid range. There are cheaper sets, as well as higher-end ones.

Even mattresses are customizable. The shop carries an American-made line that can be modified for unusually sized or shaped beds.

Central Coast Furniture’s line of custom upholstered furniture is made in Fontana. Choose your size, shape and fabric, as well as the level of cushion firmness. Prices for sofas start at $399.

How does he manage such competitive pricing?

“We work directly with the manufacturer, keep our markup very low and try to pass on all of our savings to customers,” said Espinoza.

The showroom is small and simple, helping to keep overhead low. Espinoza noted that, with the bulk of their business in custom pieces and special orders, having a lot of merchandise on the floor isn’t critical.

Espinoza tries to match the styles of the pieces he stocks to the tastes of Paso Robles residents. “Paso is not super modern,” he noted. “People like furniture that’s more traditional and formal.”

But if it’s a Tuscan or modern or shabby chic piece you’re after, chances are good that Espinoza can find it — or find a way to create it.

Central Coast Furniture delivers from North County to Santa Maria and all along the coast. It’s located at 1301 Riverside Avenue in Paso Robles, 239-5650.