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Want more space and maybe some extra cash?

Bryan Coppedge started his company, Sorters, after helping family members go through decades of accumulated household items
Bryan Coppedge started his company, Sorters, after helping family members go through decades of accumulated household items

Bryan Coppedge got the idea for his business while helping his grandparents prepare for a big move. As they weeded through decades of accumulated belongings, he had an epiphany.

“They didn’t have the strength, energy, or resources to figure out what to do with it all,” he said. “They needed more than just a 1-800 junk service.”

His solution was Sorters. The Atascadero-based company performs junk removal, shredding, recycling, donation, consignment, organization and estate liquidation. Sorters’ services fall somewhere between those of a haulaway company and a professional organizer.

Customers can choose from their services “a la carte.” For instance, if all you need is for your television to be recycled or a box of papers shredded, they’re happy to do it.

Sorters can also take customers through the entire de-cluttering process. They start by removing excess items from a designated space, be it a garage, a spare bedroom, or an entire house. They then help sort everything into categories: junk, recyclables, documents to shred, donations, items for consignment and things to keep.

According to Coppedge, people are often surprised by how many items can be reused.

“We try to be as green as possible,” he said. “There’s a home for almost everything, besides the dump, if you take the time to sort it out.”

In addition to common recyclables like paper, plastic, metal and cardboard, Sorters has resources for salvaging a long list of items. Even outdated and broken electronics can be reused. Sorters works primarily with Achievement House so that resalable items go to the thrift store and other electronics are stripped down for parts. If a customer wants items to be donated to a charity of their choice, Sorters is happy to comply.

Valuable items can be sold on a consignment basis. Sorters will typically use Craigslist or eBay and take a 35 percent commission on sales. The company can also help customers set up a garage or estate sale.

Once everything is hauled away, the Sorters crew performs basic cleanup and organization. This can include installing shelving and establishing a system for storage.

Coppedge expects a busy season as post-holiday clutter mounts and people resolve to live in tidier spaces. Much like Weight Watchers works for the dieter, hiring a company like Sorters may increase the odds of success.

“They’re paying for the service, so they really want to get something accomplished,” he said.

The reward of de-cluttering, according to Coppedge, is a clearer head, more usable living space, and even cash. Some clients make so much by selling excess items, they more than pay for the cleanup service. Others find items they forgot they had, or save money by no longer buying duplicates of things they already own.

“When all that clutter is around you, it can be debilitating,” he said. “Getting it cleared out is really empowering.”

Contact Sorters at 464-3252 or 866-366-2004.