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Silver celebration by the sea

Noi & Ron Miner garden in Los Osos. Yard has more than one water feature. AAUW garden tour.
David Middlecamp
Noi & Ron Miner garden in Los Osos. Yard has more than one water feature. AAUW garden tour. David Middlecamp 3-29-2011 The Tribune

The Morro Bay branch of the American Association of University Women is calling this year’s self-guided garden tour “Silver Celebration by the Sea” to celebrate its 25th annual spring garden tour.

Seven gardens will be open to ticket holders between noon and 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 1.

Lindquist & Eckle. 70 & 64 9th St.Regular Tribune readers may recall the charming side-by-side Lindquist and Eckle “good neighbor” gardens in Cayucos, featured in Home & Garden Feb. 23. The two small gardens count as one stop on the tour, and each family has incorporated some delightful personal touches.

Preach, MaderaThe terraced Preach garden in Los Osos was featured in Home & Garden on March 23. This large, water-wise garden contains a re-circulating waterfall, a furnished garden shed, vegetable beds, an outdoor fish-cleaning sink, and more. Visitors can observe how two rainwater storage tanks have been inconspicuously sited. As a bonus, refreshments will be served in the inviting outdoor living area.

Miner, 10th St.Also in Los Osos, and featured in 2009, is the garden of Ron and Noi Miner. The couple, who met in Thailand, exhibit their appreciation for Thai decorative arts with imported, intricately carved wood panels, abundant elephant figures, and enticing water features. Ron’s artistry is displayed in his colorful, free-flowing concrete driveway pattern and his deft touch with topiary. He’s also installed some back yard “surprises” for visitors to discover.

Hon & Lewis, Ash Ave.A naturalistic dry stream highlights the entrance garden of a new house in Cayucos. Designed by landscaper Cory Paul, the channel is accented by cycads and reddish New Zealand flax. Young olive, palm and banana trees promise future shade. Lavender osteospermum and blue lobelia add color. A generous back deck, furnished with a hot tub, dining table, comfortable seating, and container plants overlooks the lawn. A rock-edged vegetable bed lines the sunny side fence. At one end, the rocks spiral up a mounded herb garden, with strawberries between herbs, and flowering chives at its summit.

Sproal, HatterasIn north Morro Bay, a white picket fence and wicker furniture near the front door give this sky-blue house a traditional appearance from the street. The back yard projects a different personality. The U-shaped house embraces an outdoor room, open-to-the-sky, sunny and sheltered from sea breezes. Undaunted by the remaining narrow spaces alongside the house, the owners added a raised planter bed against a tall back fence. Above waist-high greenery, the fence has become an art gallery, displaying whimsical arrangements of recycled objects, including many mirrors.

Butler, Coral Ave.Another Morro Bay garden also has a well-furnished, open courtyard that is protected from sea breezes. Almost enclosed by the house, its slate tile floor was laboriously laid by the owner. Professionals helped with the garden. Sarah Treadwell was the garden designer; Keith Tracy managed the installation of a slate waterfall, a massive stone birdbath, and the large slate flagstones. Dymondia, creeping thyme and blue grasses grow between flagstones. Young trees along the fence provide a sense of enclosure. In the front yard, a dry stream is accented by a dramatic Cape rush and tall grasses. Ceanothus, hebes, agapanthus, New Zealand flax and golden breath of heaven add harmonious color.

Sharon Crawford is a freelance writer who lives in Los Osos.

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