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Creating a home office that’s FIT to a tee

A Herman Miller Nelson Swag Leg Desk is a high style choice for the home office.
A Herman Miller Nelson Swag Leg Desk is a high style choice for the home office.

According to Tracy Young, sales and marketing manager of San Luis Obispo’s Furniture Installation Team, creating a functional home office involves more than pushing a desk against the bedroom wall.

For the past 23 years, Furniture Installation Team (or FIT) has sold and installed built-in and freestanding office furniture. It also provides space planning for both commercial and residential customers.

The FIT team works with plenty of empty-nesters and work-at-home professionals who want to convert bedrooms, garages and attics into offices. But more common today are those with space constraints, squeezing workspaces into tight corners of guest rooms, dens, even the tiniest of hallway alcoves.

“The average home office these days is smaller,” said Young. “You can really streamline an office if you want to.”

FIT often customizes office furniture for customers, including cutting down desks to fit corners or odd angles.

Overall, today’s desks are scaled-down which, Young said, is a sign of changing technology.

“We don’t have the giant monitors like we did in the 90s,” he said. “We’re using laptops, flat screens, iPads.”

For extreme space-conservation, Young has seen customers use their televisions as computer monitors. Others opt to store most of their files electronically in order to reduce the amount of file cabinet space needed.

“You can still keep a small cabinet or a pedestal-type drawer, but that may be all you need,” he said.

Another trend in home offices is high style. FIT’s furnishings range from mid to high-end and include a contemporary line by venerable furniture design company Herman Miller. The pieces, while not inexpensive, come with 12-year warranties, and are as fun to look at as they are functional.

“The whole reason people like home offices is because they can be at home versus commuting somewhere,” said Young. “You want an office that feels homey.”

The company does not carry low-end office furniture. If a customer is in the market for a bargain, it will direct them to its large inventory of used office furniture, including shelving, chairs and desks. The typical savings is 75 percent off of retail, and FIT is happy to cut down and customize most used pieces to fit a customer’s needs. Many used items are featured on its website, www.furnitureinstallationteam.com, or you can visit the FIT showroom at 3566 South Higuera, Suite 203 in San Luis Obispo, 546-8290.