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Learn how to grow your veggies in a raised bed

Ann Dozier is a UC Master Gardener.
Ann Dozier is a UC Master Gardener.

S till hesitating to start a vegetable garden because:

Your soil is too terrible?

You don’t have a suitable spot?

Drainage is bad in the only possible garden space? — or

Your back hurts from all the bending over?

Raised beds can address all of these problems.

University of California Master Gardeners will be holding the next Advice to Grow By Seminar this Saturday with a demonstration of building a raised bed and instructions that home gardeners can follow to create their own.

The seminar, held from 10 a.m. to noon, will take place in the Master Gardeners’ new demonstration garden at 2156 Sierra Way in San Luis Obispo.

Come and learn about:

What kind of soil to use in a raised bed.

How to keep gophers out.

Suitable materials to use for creating raised beds for edible plants (some woods may leach chemicals into soil.)

How to set up irrigation of raised beds.

The seminar will be held outside in the Master Gardener demonstration garden. Sun protection is advised. Please bring a folding chair if you have one available. An auditorium is available in case of bad weather.

“Advice to Grow By” gardening classes are held every third Saturday of the month, for more details visit the Master Gardener’s web site at groups.ucanr.org/slomg.