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The floor’s the limit Cal Coast Carpet in Oceano

Different colors of cork flooring.
Different colors of cork flooring.

After 20 years in business, a few things about Cal Coast Carpet Warehouse have stayed the same. They’re still in a somewhat remote location off Highway 1 in Oceano. They still handle all types of floor coverings as well as installation.

But like any business that has survived two decades of economic ups and downs, Cal Coast has also adapted to changing trends. For instance, it recently began selling and installing granite and marble slabs.

“We wanted to offer a full package for household interiors,” said Rob Fastlaben, who owns the business with wife Debbie.

They currently have 30 colors of granite slabs on hand and hope to have as many as 50 by the summer. They also offer several types of marble.

Unlike most slab yards, Cal Coast keeps its slabs in a warehouse, allowing customers to view them regardless of the weather.

It also offers tile for countertops and backsplashes, as well as soapstone and quartz composite materials like Silestone and CaesarStone.

As the company’s name indicates, carpet was initially its primary focus. This, too, has changed.

“We saw a decline in the use of carpet in recent years,” said Fastlaben. “People are going more into surfaces like stone, hardwood and tile.”

Growing in popularity are renewable materials like cork. Cork is tougher now, offering the same types of finishes that make hardwood durable and stain-resistant.

“Cork is warmer and quieter than hardwood,” said Fastlaben. “It’s also easier on the feet and legs and gives better insulation.”

Available in tiles or panels of various sizes and colors, the design options for cork are almost limitless.

Bamboo, however, has hit a stumbling block.

“We’re backing off of it a little bit because of some stability issues,” said Fastlaben.

The material, which in recent years became the go-to green flooring choice, has demonstrated a tendency to warp in areas of high humidity, such as coastal locations.

Currently, Fastlaben is only recommending bamboo flooring made by a company called Teragren.

“It’s manufactured totally differently than other types of bamboo,” he said. “It’s much more stable.”

Teragren also manufactures its bamboo with low- VOC adhesives.

Even carpets are going eco-friendly. Shaw, for instance, has its ClearTouch line that is made in part from recycled PET soda and water bottles. The company claims that the carpets are exceedingly durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Even better, most “green” carpets are priced similarly to conventional carpets.

The Cal Coast showroom has ClearTouch and numerous other flooring lines on display. And with 15,000 square feet of warehouse storage, it also has plenty of materials in stock — another convenient feature that may help this local business to thrive for another 20 years.

Cal Coast Carpet Warehouse is at 1309 Pacific Blvd. in Oceano, 481-5559.