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More advice to grow by: gardening to ‘Victory’

Let UC Master Gardeners help you make the most of your vegetable garden.
Let UC Master Gardeners help you make the most of your vegetable garden. UC REGENTS

If you’ve been waiting to start your vegetable garden, wait no longer! Spring is upon us and with that, the University of California Master Gardeners will hold the third of its Advice to Grow By seminars.

Packed with practical information, the free seminar will be from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, in the new demonstration garden at 2156 Sierra Way in San Luis Obispo.

Topics discussed include:

How to “win a gold” with your Victory garden.

Getting the most from your kitchen garden.

Adaptive gardening.

Planting: when to plant what, and how to extend the season.

From seed to seedling: how to successfully sprout and plant seedlings.

There will be many tips on protecting your plants from extremes in weather and transplanting seedlings to ensure a healthy and bountiful harvest. Using planting guides (also called crop circles or planting wheels because the guide is round) and the value of journals in documenting information for individual gardens will be discussed.

The seminar will be held outside, so comfortable dress and sun protection are advised. Attendees are encouraged to bring a folding chair.

Rain does not cancel as the auditorium is available in the event of a sudden downpour.

Save these dates

Upcoming Advice to Grow By seminars at the same time and place are scheduled for April 17, “Space-saving gardening”; May 15, “Growing avocados and citrus”; June 19, “Sustainable roses”; and July 17, “Irises.”