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Advice to grow by: Planting fruit and nut trees

Mary Giambalvo is a UC Master Gardener.
Mary Giambalvo is a UC Master Gardener.

If you have been considering, even remotely, introducing a fruit or nut tree into your family fold and wish to give it a healthy, happy start, consider attending the second of the free Advice to Grow By series of seminars at the University of California Master Gardeners’ new demonstration garden. It’s located at 2156 Sierra Way in San Luis Obispo, next to the county’s agricultural office.

UC Master Gardeners will help you learn how to plant, grow and nurture fruit trees successfully from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday.

Among the topics covered:

Which fruits and nuts grow well in your corner of the Central Coast?

Chill hours, what they are and how they affect your choice of tree.

Gophers and how to prevent your baby tree from becoming their breakfast.

Which is a better choice for you, standard or dwarf?

Does your tree need a pollination partner? Or is it happy as a single?

How you can maximize production by planting multiple trees in one hole.

What about espalier trees?

What about fertilizing, irrigating, soil, drainage, pruning?

A tour of the new demonstration garden is planned. Be sure to bring sun protection, dress for the vagaries of temperature, and consider bringing a folding chair for comfort. Parking is convenient in the nearby lot, and rain will not cancel because we have a nice auditorium as backup.

UC Master Gardeners hope you will attend all the monthly seminars. But if a fruit or nut tree is in your future, do not miss this one.