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Bang the Drum Brewery has found a new home in SLO. Here’s where it’s headed

A San Luis Obispo brewery known for its entertainment events and craft beers has announced its planned move to a new location right around the corner as it prepares to close down for the next few months.

Bang the Drum Brewery, the vision of owner Noelle DuBois, signed a lease Monday to move into a nearby commercial space on the back side of a 17.5-acre business complex at 1150 Laurel Lane.

The business park is same one where Crux Climbing Center operates.

DuBois said Bang the Drum will need to renovate its new space and obtain its alcohol licensing before the intended public opening in October or November of its new 4,300-square-foot hub.

“We are really excited about this bigger space,” said DuBois. “We’ll continue to offer all the great events that we have (at the Orcutt location), along with beer, wine and cider. And we’ll be offering food as well with a new restaurant. We’ll just be able to do a lot more.”

The business center, under new ownership, has changed its name from the Attoll Business Complex to the Laurel Creek complex, said Henry Burrows, a property manager.

Burrows described the lease with Bang the Drum as a “long-term” agreement that will include the owner’s renovation of the outdoor patio.

Burrows said a plan to build about 700 new homes also have been tabled as the complex moves forward with housing new commercial tenants, including several startups and local businesses.

“There still could be some housing, but the focus will be on our commercial side,” Burrows said.

The new Bang the Drum location is about a five-minute walk along a nearby bike path from its old existing space at 950 Orcutt Road and can be accessed by vehicle from Laurel Lane.

Earlier this summer, Bang the Drum announced it had to move by Aug. 1 to make way for an approved, mixed-use development of 78 homes, commercial and office space on Orcutt.

The brewery, which opened on Orcutt in 2014, will occupy the space where End of the Line Cafe used to operate.

DuBois said the food menu is still in flux, but one idea is to offer meat pies that pair well with their beers.

“We haven’t yet determined exactly what foods, but we tried some meat pies and they taste great with our beers,” DuBois said.

Noelle DuBois conducts a Facebook Live showcasing the new site of Bang the Drum Brewery at 1150 Laurel Lane in SLO. DuBois is the business’ owner. Nick Wilson

Bang the Drum hosts regular Facebook Live posts, often with DuBois and Kelly Edward, the county’s only head female brewer, and they announced their move with other employees Tuesday on their feed.

Bang the Drum’s new spot in the back is located alongside trees and a pathway from a parking lot of more than 250 spaces. Bang the Drum will be allotted 43 of those spaces.

“All of the things we’d like to improve with our spot now are here,” DuBois said. “We’re excited to be able to have dogs here as well.”

Bang the Drum will remodel the interior space to create a new staging area for music, comedy and more, along with its setup that DuBois describes as an artsy, homey feel similar to the 1,300-square-foot space they’re moving from.

Bang the Drum announced its new location in SLO on Tuesday at 1150 Laurel Lane in the back of a 17-acre business park. Nick Wilson

Bang the Drum is having an all-day farewell celebration on Saturday, from noon to midnight, before the move, with several bands, music and food trucks available.

It will also host a regular social salsa dancing night every other Sunday hosted by Liliana and Michael Graham. The last salsa event at the old location will be Sunday from 7 to 10 p.m.

DuBois plans to continue hosting a variety of entertainment at the new location, from live band performances, to art shows, movie nights and trivia.

The brewery serves craft beers that include blonde ales, IPAs and a smoked porter with chipotle peppers.

Final events over the next few days before closure are available on Bang the Drum’s website at

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