Happy Father's Day!

Chris Taranto of Paso Robles with Joe, 2.
Chris Taranto of Paso Robles with Joe, 2.

Patrick Scudder wasn’t even a dad yet when he called to see if he could get in on our annual Father’s Day photo feature.

With less than a week before our planned photo shoot, his boy, Liam, decided he wasn’t quite ready to meet the world. Still, Scudder, of San Luis Obispo, set up a time to come in, hoping he’d have a son by the following Saturday.

As the week progressed, Liam was still holding out. But finally he arrived — via C-section — just two days before the photo shoot.

As a result, Liam Scudder wound up easily being the youngest child featured in our piece, which features dads from around the county. (Since Liam had to stay in the hospital for observation, they technically missed our Saturday morning photo shoot. But they had a good excuse, so we cut them slack and had them arrive Monday.)

While Scudder has the gamut of fatherly experiences ahead of him, today we honor all dads, new and old.

— Pat Pemberton

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