The Honeymoon: Adventure Begins

At long last, the time for your honeymoon arrives.You and your groom should view the honeymoonas the beginning of a lifelong adventure together, notjust the end of a hectic wedding schedule. It shouldbe one of the most memorable of journeys, not onlyin destination but in learning more about each other— how to plan together, play together and explorethe many opportunities that lie ahead for both of you.

It is important that you and your fiancédiscuss honestly your expectations foryour honeymoon. Do you want a quiet,secluded destination with plenty of timealone or a trip to Europe touring new sitesand meeting people? Do you want yourhoneymoon to include activities that youboth enjoy, such as skiing or scuba diving,or do you simply want to relax? Would youenjoy a resort or perhaps a cruise? Sunshineor snow? Beaches or mountains? Cityor countryside? The choices are many.

You also should be clear about yourpreferences in creature comforts. Yourfiancé may find a rustic cabin ideal, whileyou dream of a luxury hotel with roomservice and a whirlpool bathtub.

Whatever choices you discuss, be confident that you and your fiancé will knowwhen you’ve found the perfect honeymoonjust for the two of you.

Once you have decided on the type ofhoneymoon, the dates you wish to traveland your budget, consult a travel agent.This is the best thing you can do for yourselves.The travel agent can handle all thedetails of the honeymoon, and there is nocharge to you for the services.

A travel agency with experts in honeymoonplanning will not only help you withthe best destinations, accommodationsand travel arrangements, but it will assistyou in all areas of planning. Agents can giveyou top-notch advice regarding moneyexchange, insurance needs and packing.They also will inform you of necessary documents,such as passports, visas or records ofinoculations you might need to have, andprovide you with travel confirmations. Yourtravel agent can make all the difference forsmooth sailing on your honeymoon.

Traditionally speaking, your fiancé shouldhandle all the finances of the honeymoonwith the travel agent, including necessarydeposits. He will want to be careful to staywithin the guidelines of the budget so thereare no unexpected bills to pay when youreturn home. A week before the weddinghe should make a final check with the travelagent to confirm that all is in order.

Remember, your honeymoon doesnot have to begin immediately afteryour reception. If you are planning along honeymoon or going to a remotedestination, you should allow yourselfsome time between the wedding andthe honeymoon. If so, you still can makeyour wedding night a special occasion bystaying at a nearby bed and breakfast or aluxury hotel.