Transportation: Arriving in Style

The transportation arrangements you make for yourwedding should reflect both style and careful planning.Because it is your day and you will want to bethe center of attention, plan to arrive at and departfrom your wedding in the most elegant way possible.In addition, to ensure that all goes smoothly, givecareful consideration to the transportation needs ofothers in the wedding party as well as those of yourout-of-town guests.

Plan ahead

Wedding transportation is not a low-priorityitem. You should begin planning severalmonths before your wedding date. Advancecare shown in transportation preparations willallow you to enjoy your wedding day, avoidinglast-minute problems and the stress thatgoes with them.

Sophisticated style

The classic mode of travel for the brideto the wedding site is by limousine or luxurycar, which also will provide an intimate ridefor you and your husband from the marriageceremony to the reception. Quality limousineand luxury automobile services can be foundthroughout the area, but do check withthese services well before your wedding toensure you will be able to reserve the car youwant, especially if your wedding is during thebusy months of May, June or December.

Fantasy focus

Anything you choose will be romantic,but for the perfect fairy-tale wedding, manybrides and grooms have fantasized about ahorse-drawn carriage their fi rst ride togetheras husband and wife. Other ideas are hot-airballoons and festively decorated gondolas ordune buggies for couples who get married bya lake or on the beach. Whatever your fantasy,now is the time to live it.

On the practical side

When choosing your transportation service,look at the vehicles the company off ers.Be certain the service you choose has the styleof car or carriage you want and that it will beavailable when you need it. Find out if youwill be charged hourly or if all services will beincluded in one set price. Ask what the driverwill wear and about the tipping policy. Professionaltransportation services will be happy towork with you to ensure that you arrive anddepart promptly and elegantly.

A little help from your friends

If your budget allows, you can providespecial transportation for the entire weddingentourage and out-of-town guests.Party boats, while great fun, are best savedfor partying. But a trolley or a double-deckerbus is a wonderful mode of travel. And youalso can call on dependable (and punctual)friends to play chauffeurs. Each friend whoprovides transportation for guests shouldallow enough time to arrive at the weddingsite 30 minutes before the ceremony. Giveyour drivers money for gas and a car wash,and be sure they know the addresses (withdirections) and phone numbers of everyonethey are to pick up. Don’t tip your friends, buta small thank-you gift is always appropriateand appreciated.